More resources for web building in

Pinterest has great resources too!I have a Pinterest Board specifically for our Create a Free Web Site in at

In addition there are two boards on my business Pinterest which may be of help. While angled towards the resale industry, there’s a lot you too could use. Check out Your Resale Shop Web Site and Ideas for your Shop Blog.

Pinterest also makes a good search engine for your queries as well, and for those of us who are visually-oriented, can be much faster to sort through.

For a live example of a web site built solely on, visit the Historical Society of Sarasota County’s site.Save

10 UX Tips for your web site.

10 Tips to make your web site user-friendlyDesigning your blog for user experience (that’s what UX stands for) is vital, if you want people to use and enjoy your site.

1. Make sure your site is mobile responsive

2. Make its purpose immediately apparent

3. Use lots of white space

4. Don’t clutter sidebars with widgets

5. Keep your header height minimal

6. Make navigation clear and obvious

7. No auto-play music!

8. Have a contact link, button or page

9. Look at your blog from their point of view

10. Don’t use light text on a dark background

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Embedding Facebook posts (yours or others) on your blog

It’s child’s play to share Facebook posts on your blog. For example, if I don’t want you to miss this fun photo, I can use a Facebook post on my blog:

That link above, which looks like a graphic, is actually more. Try clicking on it, and you’ll be redirected to the Facebook page (if you click on the poster’s avatar) or directly to the link that the Facebook post links to if you click on the photo or message! Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? [smile]

Here’s the how-to info from

Very Pinteresting….

One of the hottest social media sites right now is Pinterest, and has made it easy to connect your blog posts to a specific pin.

Here’s a specific pin, which is actually my most popular pin on one of my  HowToConsign Boards! All I have done to create this image is to paste the pin’s URL into the VISUAL editing board on my blog. Automagically, the pin and its message appear below, and if you click on it, you can see it on Pinterest, and also catch a glimpse of the rest of the Board this pin comes from (in this case, the HowToConsign “Halloween with Resale Finds” Board.)

Notice that this specific pin has been REpinned almost 1900 times; using a Pinterest Board to draw traffic to your blog or web site is definitely worth the time.

Pinterest WILL ask you to sign up, but even if you don’t you can still explore this Board.