10 UX Tips for your web site.

10 Tips to make your web site user-friendlyDesigning your blog for user experience (that’s what UX stands for) is vital, if you want people to use and enjoy your site.

1. Make sure your site is mobile responsive

2. Make its purpose immediately apparent

3. Use lots of white space

4. Don’t clutter sidebars with widgets

5. Keep your header height minimal

6. Make navigation clear and obvious

7. No auto-play music!

8. Have a contact link, button or page

9. Look at your blog from their point of view

10. Don’t use light text on a dark background

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More sources about creating and editing posts

It’s overwhelming, the amount of help there is online for WordPress, and Here’s some places to get started:

Sites focused on self-hosted web sites/ blogs using the WordPress program, but users will find much of the information useful as well:

Specific questions students have asked:

It’s very helpful to know at least some HTML. These links will help:

Please check the PDFs and notes for each class for many more links to help you in your exciting journey as you communicate online!

Will you read me?

Students: I have posted this little message as a blog post only to illustrate how you can write a text widget in the dashboard, as though it were an entry. See Class 2 page for more info on this. (Normally, after you used the post entry for this purpose, you’d simply send the post to trash… you wouldn’t actually post it as I have done here!)

Will you follow my posts? I certainly hope so!

thumbnail of MystFla06Read this blog, and don’t miss Auntie Kate and the HowToConsign blog

Embedding Facebook posts (yours or others) on your blog

It’s child’s play to share Facebook posts on your blog. For example, if I don’t want you to miss this fun photo, I can use a Facebook post on my blog:

That link above, which looks like a graphic, is actually more. Try clicking on it, and you’ll be redirected to the Facebook page (if you click on the poster’s avatar) or directly to the link that the Facebook post links to if you click on the photo or message! Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? [smile]

Here’s the how-to info from