Your Resource Links

Let’s get started: to sign up.

The basics: for more details and plenty of links to wp help. if you prefer video instruction. This might be a little outdated, so don’t get hung up on the details.

This site, though it’s angled towards using your site as a blog, is wonderfully clear and simple to follow:

To keep you motivated via daily emails and lessons as you develop your site, sign up for “Blogging University’s” course on business websites:

(If you want all their resources at once: )

Setting up your pages: has great advice

Need some more help on that home page vs. blog page? Step by step here:

Menu help:

Making it pretty is a good examination of images, plus some great links to where they hide on the internet

The quickest, easiest way to find graphics that you can legally use is at (step #3 provides copy-and-paste attribution in as needed) Will give you the color codes for any graphic such as your logo or an image you want to use. With those color codes, you can change the color of headlines, text, background….

Don’t like the fonts your theme uses? Here’s how to change them:

Selling on

As of June 2016, the only things you can sell on are items or services you yourself have created (e.g. a book or white paper, your paintings, your consultation or other service)

If you want to put a PayPal button on your site (on a Page, a post, or in a sidebar widget), you’ll need a PayPal account, and then here’s how to put those buttons on your site:

Love how-to-videos? Check these out: Alim Tasmin’s tutorial from Remember, some screens on the WordPress site are different now, so don’t panic.

Advanced aspects:

More information that might help: On my business Pinterest, pins for my industry that will help you on Another board I’ve collected beginner’s info on is

It really helps if you know just a little HTML codes to control (or fix!) the look of your site. Here’s one such roundup:

Really getting down to the nitty-gritty: Choosing a theme is more than just which layout you like. Here’s a “test blog post” you can copy and paste into your blog to closely examine what each theme will do to the various elements (headlines, quotes, etc). It’s from 10 years ago, but is still useful (as is 90% of the rest of this site!)

How to experiment with various theme changes without going live

You can move your blog to a setup. Resources: and
blogs to follow:

Post-Graduate Work:

Continue your education! WordPress has some great courses that are delivered to you day by day in workable chunks. First one up is Build a Business Site!

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