More sources about creating and editing posts

It’s overwhelming, the amount of help there is online for WordPress, and Here’s some places to get started:

Sites focused on self-hosted web sites/ blogs using the WordPress program, but users will find much of the information useful as well:

Specific questions students have asked:

It’s very helpful to know at least some HTML. These links will help:

Please check the PDFs and notes for each class for many more links to help you in your exciting journey as you communicate online!

4 thoughts on “More sources about creating and editing posts”

    1. Lorelle, I am so flattered that you took the time to take a look at these links I collected up for the Sarasota Tech Users Group class I just finished teaching. You are one of my heroes! I dream of taking one of your classes, but never have.
      I cannot seem to find what’s meant by “link dump”… do you mean I have overloaded this blog post that is for my students with too many links so it looks like I am trying to game some SE system? I will also have to study up on “generating a trackback”… (guess a little knowledge can be dangerous!)


  1. One more thing, and then you can delete or edit both comments. Headings are subtitles not paragraphs or sentences. “HTML Resources” would be enough in a heading then the heading you have written turned into an opening sentence to introduce the list.

    You also have instructions on PDFs at the bottom. As we will discuss in class, if you have to tell people how to use your site, it’s broken. A simple (PDF) at the end of each PDF link in your list is enough to let people know what they need to do.

    This is such a fantastic list, do it proud by making it look professional, too. Thanks!


    1. I see exactly what you mean re over-applying the heading to more than just a, well, heading. Thanks for that and I will edit.

      The final heading (which I WILL change as per your advice 😉 ) simply refers to the PDFs I have used on my “Class” pages… reminding my students that not only are there links on the post they are currently reading, but within the slides I used in my three session.

      I do have to, however, respectfully disagree with the blanket statement “if you have to tell people how to use your site, it’s broken”… not everyone who uses the web or internet knows HOW to, and I actually address, in my other blogs/ sites, a LOT of people who need some guidance. E.g., folks who, when asked for their site’s URL, give me an email address 🙂

      Again, thanks for taking the time to comment on a stranger’s blog… and I DO treasure you, your site, and all your knowledge!


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